Material covered in Course:


  • Firearms Safety and Transportation
  • Weapons Conditions
  • Dry Firing
  • Major Weapons Components
  • Safety vs. Accessibility
  • Restricted/Prohibited Places
  • Weapons Malfunctions
  • Weapons Maintenance
  • Ammunition
  • Cycle of Operations



Regular Cost:$50.00
Veteran Cost:$35.00

This beginner two-hour firearms course is designed for everyone, regardless of experience or familiarity with weapons. Guns 101 is a great option for those looking to break into the firearms world and is a perfect start for youth. The course covers information on pistols, revolvers, shotguns, and rifles of several different actions. Guns 101 is intended to build a solid foundation of; firearms, how they function, and how to best use and carry them. These class sizes remain small and often have more than one instructor present, this is to ensure the feel of a one-on-one experience. The focus of this course is to build the shooters understanding and confidence in their capabilities when shooting any weapon.

Guns 101 covers firearms safety along with a wide variety of information on handguns, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns. The objective of this course is to build a solid firearms foundation for those who are new to shooting, or who would like to receive tips from professionals in mastering their skill. This course covers everything a youth or any shooter needs to develop good firearms habits, the course also covers some of the following; transporting and carrying a firearm, shooting stances, sight and trigger manipulation, along with ammunition and the import ants of selecting reliable ammo.

The course does not involve live-fire, but does have a practical application section where participants will be allowed to manipulate an assortment weapons under instructor supervision. NO Ear protection, eye protection, personal firearms, or ammunition are required. Customers are encouraged to bring their UNLOADED personal weapons to the course, if they have questions about the weapon or its use. One page of note taking gear will be provided at time of class, course slides and information available upon request by passing students. Please arrive approximately 10-15 minutes early to ensure the course starts on time.


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