Material covered in Course:
  • Firearms Safety
  • Pistol Draws
  • Target Engagement
  • Sight Picture & Sight Alignment
  • Ammunition
  • Cycle of Operations
  • Fundamentals of Pistol Marksmanship
  • Stance, grip, sight alignment and sight picture
  • Trigger control and trigger finger position
Regular Cost:$100.00Ammo: Add $30.00
Gun/Ammo: Add $60.00
Veteran Cost:$80.00Ammo: Add $30.00
Gun/Ammo: Add $60.00

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The 3-Hour Defensive Pistol Course is an All Range based training exercise engineered to prepare the shooter for real world defensive situations. The course is built for anyone who intends to be confident and safe when concealed carrying or open carrying a firearm. The course of fire covers a variety of close quarters and intermediate defensive scenarios. The focus of the course is to build the shooters confidence in their ability to remain calm and perform well under pressure.

Covering everything from warm ups to multiple target engagement, the Defensive Pistol course’s goal is to prepare the shooters mind and body for extreme situations. Shooters move through various exercises where they engage targets from both static and moving positions to give the feel of a real-world situation. Having the shooters employing the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship, while understanding and assessing their environment.

This is NOT a beginner course of fire and DOES requires proof of formal training. ANY prior Arizona Home Defense student is automatically qualified as well as prior or current; military, police, or law enforcement personnel. Shooters may submit proof of Basic Pistol training from outside sources in order to qualify for this course. The course of fire REQUIRES the shooter to have a pistol, holster, 150 rounds of ammunition, and a minimum of 2 magazines, extra magazines and pouches are encouraged. There are the traditional requirements of eye protection, closed toe shoes, comfortable but loose clothing as well as a water source for any range based training.

Shooters are encouraged to bring their normal holster, this course is designed to prepare the shooter and using your normal gear will maximize the effectiveness of the training.


Private lessons available upon request.

No Minimum Caliber

100 Rounds

5 Yard, 10 Yard & 15 Yard Ranges

Steel Targets Used