Material covered in Course:
  • Carrying Concealed
  • Carry Permit Rules
  • Firearms Safety and Transportation
  • Restricted/Prohibited Places
  • Weapons Malfunctions
  • Weapons Maintenance
  • Weapons Security and Home Defense
  • Safety vs. Accessibility
  • Deadly Force Justifications according to Arizona State Statutes
  • Situation Awareness
  • Benefits of Arizona Concealed Weapons
  • Laws and Interfacing with Law Enforcement
  • General Permit Information
Regular Cost:$150.00
Veteran Cost:$90.00

This is an all instruction based CCW class, there is NO live-fire qualification for this course. It covers information on firearms safety, carrying a concealed firearm, and laws pertaining to the use of force. These carry permit classes are full service, all instructors are US Infantry Marine Veteran with a variety of firearms, police, EMT, and combat experience. The course fee includes; the Arizona Department of Public Safety CCW processing fee, the fingerprinting charge, documentation, certificate, and postage.


While Arizona is a Constitutional Carry State and Open Carry is available, they don’t afford the same rights as the Arizona CCW. Giving you concealed carry reciprocity with 35 States. However, we believe the most valuable part of the Concealed Carry Weapons Course is the information, guidance, and confidence you receive from our instructor staffs host of personal and professional experience.



Certificate of Training


DPS Permit Application

DPS Processing Fee