Regular Cost:$300.00Ammo: Varies per Rifle
Gun/Ammo: Add $275.00
Veteran Cost:$200.00Ammo: Varies per Rifle
Gun/Ammo: Add $200.00

Six Hour Basic Rifle Course

The Arizona Home Defense Basic Rifle Course is for people that want to build solid rifle fundamentals and shooting practices for long range precision. This basic rifle course is six hours long the first section is conducted in the classroom while the second is spend out on the range doing practical live fire. This course has a maximum shooting range of 500 meters. All courses are taught by Military Veterans that have been classically trained on rifle and long distance shooting as well as multiple award rifle experts. The experience and experiences that these instructors have will give you a unique perspective and give you the best possible base for rifle shooting.
Ear protection and eye protection are required, a loner firearms as well as ammunition are all available upon request. One page of note taking gear will be provided at time of class, course slides and information available upon request by passing students.
*Bolt Fire / Rapid Fire Qualification

The material covered will consist of but is not limited to:

  • Rifle Shooting Fundamentals
  • Shooting Position
  • Grip
  • Sight Alignment and Sight Picture
  • Trigger control
  • Trigger Finger Position
  • Natural Respiratory Pause
  • Elevation and Windage
  • Ammunition

.223 Minimum Rifle Caliber

150 Rounds Fired

100, 200 & 500 Meter Ranges

Standard Targets Used