Material covered in Course:


  • Firearms Safety and Transportation
  • Restricted/Prohibited Places
  • Weapons Malfunctions
  • Weapons Maintenance
  • Ammunition
  • Cycle of Operations
  • Pistol Shooting Fundamentals
  • Stance, grip, sight alignment and sight picture
  • Trigger control and trigger finger position


Regular Cost:$200.00Ammo: Add $50.00
Gun/Ammo: Add $100.00
Veteran Cost:$175.00Ammo: Add $50.00
Gun/Ammo: Add $100.00




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The Four-Hour Basic Handgun course is our entry level handgun course, designed for both beginner and intermediate shooters. The focus of this course is to build the shooters confidence, capability, and understanding of how to shoot a handgun. Taught partially in the classroom the beginning portion of this course focuses on firearms safety, stances, trigger and sight manipulation, as well as a variety of other helpful pro tips. The second portion of this class is a live-fire practical application at our private range, shooters are encouraged to bring their own firearms, but rentals are available. Shooters conduct different drills and exercises under supervision of our instructor staff to get one-on-one adjustments from professionals. This allows for all participants to feel safe while shooting and to receive the most fruitful experience possible.


The classroom portion of this class covers a wide array of information on pistols, how they function, and how to best use them. It is vital that the shooter have a solid understanding of the firearm before they try to employ it, which is why our course covers information on; transportation, function, ammunition, maintenance, and use. This is to ensure the shooter is at their most confident when entering the shooting portion of this course. Course sizes remain small to ensure shooter comfort and informed, Arizona Home Defense courses are taught to a standard NOT a time.


The final portion of the Basic Handgun Course is the live-fire practical application section, where shooters engage targets with a minimum of 100 rounds. Shooters are encouraged to bring ammunition, but ammo may be provided for small fee. Shooters conduct several different shooting drills and exercises to gauge their shooting capabilities. After the instructor assesses the shooter capability, shooters conduct 3-5 different courses of fire designed to expand their ability and solidify their confidence.


Ear protection will be provided to shooter however; eye protection, a water source, closed toed shoes, are all required for the class. PLEASE, do not wear any low cut shirts, wear comfortable clothing that will protect you from the elements. A loner firearm as well as ammunition are all available upon request. One page of note taking gear will be provided at time of class, course slides and information available upon request by passing students.


No Minimum Caliber

100 Rounds

5 Yard, 10 Yard & 15 Yard Ranges

Steel Targets Used