The materials covered will consist of but is not limited to:

  • Basic Room Clearing
  • S.A.L.U.T.E. and C.O.A Strategies
  • Situation Development and Combat Concepts
Range Time:
  • 1-5 household members (requires additional instructor for more and can be arranged with notice
  • 4 hours of firearms instruction and live fire training
    • Targets/Stands, Range Fee, and Transpiration to Range Included
    • Ammunition maybe personally supplied or purchased at time of class


By Appointment Only: Call 602-795-0796
Regular Cost:$700.00Ammo: Add $35.00
Gun/Ammo: Add $75.00
Veteran Cost:$600.00Ammo: Add $35.00
Gun/Ammo: Add $75.00

The Arizona Home Defense Advanced in Home Defense Course is for a family that is looking to better prepare for those unexpected situations, become more familiar with firearms, and obtain an AZ CCW for applicable residents. This course is intended to help guide a family through ways of defending themselves inside and outside of their home. To build a foundation that will prepare you against break-ins, emergencies, and personal encounters all while developing tactics and muscle memory. The best training is training that can be actually practiced while developing muscle memory. Consultants are ALL National Rifle Association Certified Instructors in at least two fields and are ALL Combat Veterans. The experience and experiences that these instructors have will give you a unique perspective of how best to prepare yourself and protect those around you.
Techniques based on and used by Military training. This course is fully integrated and tailor made for family sized homes with no more than 5 residents.

Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit:

  • Up to 5 household members, outside home attendees can be included for discounted rate
    • AZHD 2 Hour CCW Course, no range
      • All fees to get permit included
      • Fingerprints, Documentation, and Certification included